Is work a pleasure or a burden?  Is the workplace heaven or hell? Is going to work a social occasion or a way of making ends meet? 

Does the prospect of retirement fill you with trepidation or glee? Are you burdened by office politics?

And all this presumes that you still have a job.

Too many of us have felt the pain of retrenchment and the awful fear that there’s not much left for us after 50.

The good news is that workplace age-based discrimination is on the way out. Experience is being recognised and HR departments are realising that employees over 50 walk the walk while their younger counterparts are talking the talk.

A 2009 report on Ageing & Work found that  hiring managers give older employees high marks for loyalty, reliability and productivity.

There’s an encore career for all of us and there’s nothing like a bit of office gossip.


So much information - so difficult to understand.

So much information – so difficult to understand.



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