Dragon boat paddling

Pink ladies dragon boat paddling

Researchers have confirmed there’s a link between exercise and mood but most of us wise women already knew that.

It could be heading out for a walk when you’re feeling flat or signing up for a serious workout, but there’s no doubt that getting moving makes life look rosier and you feel better about yourself.

While it can be intimidating signing up for a sporting club, especially if you’ve never been into team sports,  you may be pleasantly surprised.

Many others there are likely to be just as nervous as you. And gyms are not always packed with bunnies in lycra. There are a lot of us out there in baggy t-shirts!

Not only does physical activity get your heart pumping and improve your bone density,  it fills you with feel-good hormones.

Best of all, it broadens your social circle and generally improves your outlook on life.

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