Dear Wise Woman,

My thirty-three year old single son is highly resentful and jealous of my partner of three years. I thought the situation would improve with time, but it’s just got worse and now they don’t communicate at all and my son directs his anger at me.

My son’s father and I split 20 years ago but my son still blames me for the marriage breakdown, despite the fact his dad was the one to leave! I just can’t win.

I’m tempted to cut ties with my son as I don’t know how much longer I can tolerate being treated so poorly.



Dear Distraught,

Are you sure your son is 33 and not 13? He seems to be stuck in a time warp of his own making. 

This man needs to grow up and get a life of his own. Sure, his family fractured when he was an adolescent and no one would say that’s ideal, but he’s not alone.

Perhaps (and only perhaps) it’s understandable that he is resentful and jealous of your new partner, but unless there’s more to this story than you’ve disclosed, his behaviour towards you is inexcusable. 

Your partner’s brought down the shutters on their relationship, so your son’s using you as a convenient whipping boy.  The time has come for you to take a stand against this bad behaviour and calmly, respectfully and as lovingly as you can tell him straight that enough is enough. 

Be prepared for more poor behaviour in the short term at least.  Bullies rarely learn quickly.

Warm wishes,

Wise Woman

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