I’VE got a friend who gets all excited when she goes to the tools section at the hardware store. I  was a bit overwhelmed when she once proudly showed me a new electric screw gun.


When an electric screwdriver becomes your new best friend

She was thrilled. At the time, I didn’t really appreciate what she meant as I was living with a handyman and just couldn’t share her wild enthusiasm.

Now, living alone and trying to renovate (and fix the broken slats on my bed) I really get it.

I’ve got my own electric screw gun and an electric sander as well. And I was really excited when I  bought them.

But then of course, there is the challenge of knowing how to use them once you have them.

Another single friend told me the trick is to just look for instructions and follow them as best you can, and you can do anything.

It works!

There I was, terrified that my bed was about to fall apart as I could hear it creaking every time I moved. The first reaction was panic. I could see myself ending up huddled on the floor in the middle of the night.

I bit the bullet, heaved the mattress out of the way and found the offender. Two of the wooden slats had snapped. Never fear.

A quick measurement, a smile for the chap at the hardware shop who obligingly cut the new timbers to size and then it was home to break out the screw gun.

Broken slats were quickly replaced and the bed was as good as new. The hardest part was lifting the mattress.

What’s more. I had solved the problem all by myself. I felt empowered by that.

OK, so my results aren’t top craftsmanship but it sure does the job and now I can appreciate the thrill of buying tools to do my own running repairs.