Allie's silver shoes

The birthday girl looked poised and glamorous as she greeted friends and family in the foyer.  This was a long awaited birthday celebration and she’d chosen her outfit with particular care.

The sparkly silver heels were the perfect accompaniment to her elegant electric blue cocktail dress. She looked just gorgeous – and everyone told her so.

When the meal was over, the birthday girl rose to her feet and thanked everyone for coming.

She spoke lovingly about family and friends and how much it meant to her having their company on this, her special day, a day she never expected to be hers.

She spoke with the wisdom of years and the light heartedness of youth.

She captured the attention of her guests in a remarkable way. Some faces beamed, others wiped away a tear. Everyone listened to this tiny little woman in the sparkly silver shoes.

“And now I’d like to finish by reciting the final verse of a little poem I learnt in primary school:

Grudge no loving word, my brother, as along through life you go,

To the ones who walk beside you, if you love them tell them so.”

Happy 90th birthday, Allie! We love you, too.


Allie's birthday cake